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Vicente Clothiers aka Vicente is a custom clothing brand for both men and women alike looking to enhance their style and confidence at the same time. Vicente is the answer if you love standing out in a crowd with the spotlight shining on you and your signature ensemble. We are also the answer when you are wanting to adorn yourself in a classic piece which others may be wearing, however not cut like yours which is one of a kind. Our unparalleled array of styling options enables our customers to design garments with unique, distinctive character which they cannot find off-the- rack, or even from other custom clothiers.

So why the name Vicente Clothiers?  Vicente (V Sen Thay) is the name of Founder Eddie Brown’s 1st  child.  His youngest is the princess MariElena (Maudee Ay Lenna), and his oldest and now namesake of the company and brand is his son Vicente.  They are both wonderful, intelligent, inquisitive, vibrant and beautiful children which provide an abundance of additional drive in life for their Dad.  Vicente loves fashion and is excited to get to an age where his wardrobe can consist of items from Vicente Clothiers.

The name Vicente is an Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese name. Like its French variant, Vincent, it is derived from the Latin name Vincentius meaning “conquering” (from Latin vincere, “to conquer”).  It just so happens those countries mentioned are synonymous with providing a high percentage of the industry’s luxurious quality fabrics.  “To Conquer”, Vicente Clothiers intends to do just that with your support!

Eddie has always been a fashionable man, as he was molded very well from his late Granny Eva Nell Jones out of Chicago’s South side.  She along with his mother Paulette Jones instilled in him that “you should always dress for success!”  Specifically you should be dressing yourself for not the position you are currently in, rather the position you aspire to be in.  That being said that’s how Eddie has lived his life, and those closest to him can attest to the high value he places on his wardrobe often topped off with his signature bow tie.

What does your wardrobe brand say about you?  Vicente Clothiers can partner with you on defining exactly what you’d like that to be.  Let’s conquer your confidence and lifestyle as it relates to your wardrobe.  We are ready to receive your inquiry for a Consultation today.


At Vicente Clothiers we bring our portfolio of fabrics and shoes for you to choose from in the comfort and privacy of your own home or business. We will capture your measurements and begin the process of designing garments to fit your body and lifestyle. You determine the cut, and all the details of the pieces with the partnership/guidance of Founder Eddie Brown. Just a short period of time for production and your garments arrive delivered, pressed and ready for you to take them out on the town.