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Official Launch of Vicente Clothiers


Vicente Clothiers is officially open for YOUR business! It is with extreme prayer, pride, planning and the never being content with “settling in life” mantra, which has driven me so much to start this new venture on my own. I watched my late Granny Eva Nell Jones work until her body absolutely could not go any further. She would leave her Southside Chicago home well before the break of dawn to walk blocks to the bus stop, which took her to the subway train which got her to her place of employment. For many years she took care of families of well known Chicago politicians and would work there all day long, return home and work even more in yard, home and community. She passed that strong work ethic down to my mother Paulette Jones who raised her five children, while battling life adversity, working several jobs and putting herself through school at the University of Nebraska Lincoln where she graduated receiving a degree in Broadcast Journalism. All the while they both knew how to dress immaculately for any and all occasions, and it left a lasting impression on me.

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I am so thankful my life has been molded by these two strong, driven, God fearing women! They have shown me at a very early age that life requires lots of hard work, and there ultimately are no excuses aside from “make it happen!” It is my turn to teach my children Vicente & MariElena this same drive and work ethic, and opening Vicente Clothiers is just the latest tangible example. When they become of age I hope they look to Dad’s actions in life where they will see he was always driven and working towards success!

Why Vicente Clothiers? After working for another dynamic clothing brand for many years, I decided it was finally time for me to leave the safety and comfort of a national brand and go into business by myself offering similar yet more services. There are noticeable differences from an abundantly larger selection of fabrics, tremendously increasing the amount of custom options, as well as adding the offerings to women just to name a few. I enjoyed every minute of my time with the previous brand, and extremely thankful for the knowledge and friendships I received. Thank you as I will cherish that chapter of life! 2017 and beyond I am ecstatic to begin writing this new chapter of my life. Vicente Clothiers, welcomes you. Thank you in advance for your support!

Eddie Brown – Founder
Vicente Clothiers


  1. Leslee Hughes

    Eddie…I can’t congratulate you enough on your newest journey! You have such an amazing outlook and your testament to how you got to where you are is awe inspiring! I am a fairly new JH stylist (having retired from healthcare) and I love my new calling! Best of the best to you–you certainly have the moxie to be the brightest light in Nebraska and beyond!
    Leslee Hughes

  2. Amy Lehman-Timm

    So proud of you Eddie! You’ve worked hard and you deserve every success. Wishing you all the best in your endeavors!

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